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Our History

El Vergel Veggie Restaurant opened its doors in December 2014 as the first and only vegan restaurant in the city of Tarragona.
El Vergel is located in the old town, on Carrer Mayor 13, Tarragona, just 1 minute walk from the cathedral. It occupies an old house from the early 20th century where original elements of the time have been recovered in its three rooms: ceilings, friezes, windows and hydraulic floor.
The simple and Nordic-style decoration, a careful musical selection and an exquisite attention set the perfect scene to enjoy a complete experience, showing that you can eat without resorting to the consumption of meat, fish, eggs, milk or honey.

Healthy, creative and varied food

El Vergel Veggie Restaurant is characterized by having a kitchen free of ingredients of animal origin, healthy, creative, varied and totally homemade, which has made this place one of the favorite places for locals and tourists. There are no fryers, microwaves or precooked products in it.

The restaurant offers a varied menu daily (lunch, snack and dinner), with surprising dishes and hearty portions. In addition, starters are offered such as vegetable cheese tastings, organic oils or vegetable sausage and the water is served free of charge by reverse osmosis.

The menu is usually changing, allowing for the creativity of our young chefs and the desserts are made with mascabado sugar (sugar cane crushed unrefined) and wholemeal flour.

Vegan food is suitable for everyone, something that does not happen with "traditional" cuisine offered in other establishments.
"Because life tastes better being vegan"


Our coffee is what is called SPECIALTY COFFEE. This denomination receives those coffees that have received a grade of at least 80 points on a scale of 100 granted by professional tasters, and that are distinguished by their aroma, flavor, personality, distinctive character and absence of defects in the grains.

A specialty coffee results from the high quality of green coffee beans that are roasted to their maximum flavor potential by true artisans.

To obtain a good specialty coffee, it is necessary to control every part of the process, from its origin, the selection and planting of a particular variety cultivated in a specific region of the world, until its hand picking, transport, storage, roasting and preparation. The final part of this process is the existence of a receptive consumer who is open to discovering and distinguishing flavors and nuances.

Drinking this type of coffee means thinking about all the effort and love that there are all phases of the process. It is not simply to savor a good coffee, it is a philosophy of life. You can also add to your coffee any of the 100% vegetable milk we have: almond, soy, rice and oatmeal.

Organic Tea

We have a menu of 48 types of tea of ​​organic cultivation, 8 of them of premium style from the best harvests in the world. We prepare all of them with purified water and at the temperature that each one requires. We serve them at the table of our clients before infusing so that the experience is more complete, so they can appreciate the appearance of the tea and its smell before being submerged in water. With the facilitated clocks they will be able to control the necessary infusion time.

In addition, you can enjoy Japanese MATCH TEA, also of organic cultivation, which we prepare with all the traditional accessories (bamboo spoon and brush) and serve in a Japanese artisan clay enameled bowl. Matcha tea helps reduce stress, stimulate defenses, reduce cholesterol and fight cancer. Basically, matcha tea is the whole leaf of green tea that, after a special process of cultivation, harvesting and drying, is milled to obtain a fine and intense green powder that multiplies the benefits of green tea.

A glass of matcha is equivalent to 10 glasses of green tea in antioxidant content and nutritional value. The only way to take advantage of the full potential of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in green tea is to consume the whole leaf.

Enjoy an oriental experience in the old town of Tarragona.
And if you want to take a tea bag to enjoy at home, you can buy bags of 25g and 50g, as well as cans of 30g of matcha tea and accessories to prepare it.

Wide assortment of drinks

We have cold pressure juices, without water or added sugars. By not using blades, the fruit and vegetables do not oxidize and their nutrients and vitamins remain intact.

Organic must
Organic grape juice from different varieties.

It is a fermented and refreshing drink highly valued for its probiotic benefits. Among many others, it balances digestion, rejuvenates the immune system and revitalizes the mind.

It is a rich source of probiotics, antioxidants, organic acids, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. We have different varieties: with lemon, ginger, raspberry, orange, cranberry and carrot; adding the juice of these elements obtained by cold pressing.

Kailani Ice Tea
Natural cold tea It does not contain artificial ingredients, nor added sugars and has less than 50 calories. Made in Spain with pure water from springs. You can choose between three varieties: black tea with lemon, green tea with lime and ginger and white tea with peach.

Wine and beer
Our beverage menu is full of different wines and beers (many of them from organic farming). You can find a wide variety of red, rosé, white and sparkling wines.

The available beers cover different styles to suit your tastes, from a soft Belgian style beer with orange and cilantro, to the Porter style, including IPA, APA, Blonde Ale, Pale Pan, with Aloe Vera, etc.

Local production in different styles: traditional red, white with a touch of apple or pink with a touch of strawberry.
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