The Restaurant

El Vergel Veggie Restaurant El Vergel Veggie Restaurant opened in December 2014 as the first and only vegan restaurant in the city of Tarragona. A cuisine free of animal ingredients, healthy, creative, with great variety and totally homemade, has made this place as one of the favorites locals of residents and tourists. Our kitchen has no room for fryers, microwave or precooked products.

El Vergel is located in the historical district, at Carrer Major number 13, just a minute walk from the cathedral. It occupies an old house from the early twentieth century where the original elements of the period- ceilings, friezes, windows and hydraulic floor - have been recovered in its three rooms. It has three balconies overlooking the main street. The simple Nordic style decor, a careful selection of music and the exquisite service make this place a perfect place to enjoy a complete experience, proving that one can eat without resorting to eating meat, fish, eggs, milk or honey.

The visitors would be suprised by its interior vertical garden with about seven meters high that leads the way up to the first floor, where the three halls are located. Recently, an area on the lower floor with three other tables has been set up.

The restaurant offers a varied menu, with surprising dishes and generous portions; it also offers tasting vegetables starters like cheeses, organic oils or vegetable chorizo. The menu is changed regularly allowing the creativity of our young chefs.

The desserts are made with brown sugar (sugar cane crushed unrefined) and whole meal flour.

Our customers can also enjoy ecological and biodynamic wines, ecological and craft beers, ecological grape-juice, ecological coffees of Fair Trade,vegetable milks of rice, soya or oats, and a selection of 42 types of tea from organic farming and 7 of which are tea premium produced limitedly. We also offer homemade juices made with slow juice extractor, avoiding that the fruit is rubbed-down with blades as in blenders (the heat of friction generates a large loss of vitamins).

El Vergel Veggie Restaurant El Vergel can be enjoyed every hour of the day : lunch, snack and dinner

Educated dogs are welcome and can have water, blankets or vegetable fodder.

We host sale of articles for organizations devoted to give voice to the animals in a totally altruistic way and our tips are intended to help animal sanctuaries since the essence of this project is to change the minds and make this world a more livable place for all living beings.

Vegan food is suitable for everyone, something that does not happen with the “traditional” cuisine offered by other establishments.

This project is the result of several months of work of Alvaro Soto and Angel Martin, after giving way to a vegan life in 2013. Leaving behind their previous career, they embarked on the company to demonstrate that it is easy and healthy without foodstuff that has traditionally been inculcated in society as necessary. Nothing is further from reality because, as proven by many scientifically- based studies, vegan diet is the healthiest , ethical and sustainable.

El Vergel has received the First Prize for the best business project in the category of health and welfare of the City of Tarragona in 2014.

Because life tastes better being vegan.

  • Carrer Major nº 13
  • 43003 - Tarragona
  • Schedules:
  • 13h to 23h (from monday to sunday)